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Newark Teachers Union

New Jersey Citizen Action Oil Group

February 5, 2009


Bruce Nigro, Director

Essex County Division of Welfare

18 Rector Street, Floor 9

Newark, NJ, 07102


Re: Step II Class Action Contractual Grievance

       Untenable Military Park Ist Floor Conditions

       Article I. Purpose

       Article VII. Discipline

       Article XXV. Non-Discrimination

       Article XLIX. Safety of Staff


Dear Mr. Nigro:


CWA Local 1081 submits this Step II Class Action Contractual Grievance, on behalf of all of our adversely affected and potentially adversely affected members employed by the Essex County Division of Welfare and assigned to the first floor of the Military Park Citizen Services Center, to protest the untenable working conditions that have resulted therein since the landlord’s operatives began the process of altering the physical plant to include a dropped ceiling:


  1. Despite your telephonic message left the landlord’s building representative on Tuesday, February 3, 2009, made at my behest and directing his workmen cover our adversely affected members’ desks after hours and/or on weekends when the operatives work on the project in addition to daytime hours, our adversely affected members’ desk are still daily discovered covered with “schmutz” (dirt) each morning.
  2. Besides suffering the unhygienic and unattractive aspects of the dirt upon their desks, our adversely affected members must clean their desk tops daily and thus take valuable time from optimally servicing their clients while concurrently circumnavigating perilous construction materials that currently clog the aisles.
  3. The makeshift lighting arrangement, with plain light bulbs hung from cords above our members as though they were within mid-19th century mining tents, is insufficient for their proper vision and therefore is, we maintain, deleterious to their visual health.

As the resolution to this grievance, CWA Local 1081 demands the following:

1.      The County shall immediately transfer our adversely affected members to other floors within the building, now occupied by the Division of Welfare, until the work on the first floor is completed.

2.      The County shall insist the landlord compel his operatives to cover our members’ desks every day.

3.      The County shall insist the landlord shall expeditiously ensure his operatives’ work materials are maintained within a safe fashion.

We seek a hearing, in this regard.




David H. Weiner, President

CWA Local 1081