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TO:               All CWA Local 1081 Westside Office Members

FROM:        David H. Weiner, President

DATE:         March 7, 2016

SUBJECT:  David Shephard, FSW: Request for Donated Leave

CWA Local 1081 member Family Service Worker David Shephard has been out of work, very ill, for some time.

You may recall that, through the kindness of the applicable members of our Union and members of PESU, $1,000 was raised to assist David to buy an electric wheelchair in order to augment the cost of the wheelchair his insurance company would not cover.

Now, CWA Local is again asking our Union’s Brothers and Sisters to consider assisting David again, as it has been claimed by the County that David has exhausted all of his available sick, vacation and personal time. Our Union is robustly grieving the authenticity of the County’s claim, but in the meantime David has been going without any pay from the Division of Welfare.

Please click here for documentation related to allowing any Department of Citizen Services (under which is the Division of Welfare) employees to donate their own sick and/or vacation days to David. The first attached document is a memorandum describing the process, and the second document is the actual Donated Leave Program form.

I am requesting all employees of the Division of Welfare, whether they members of CWA Local 1081 or PESU, to seriously consider donating days to David. I have lead by example and have already donated two of my own sick days to Brother Shephard.

Thank you.