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Newark Teachers Union

New Jersey Citizen Action Oil Group

September 11, 2014

Michael Venezia, OPRA Custodian

County of Essex

465 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

Newark, NJ, 07102

Re: OPRA Request

Overtime Assignments Re. OIS Applications

Dear Mr. Venezia:

CWA Local 1081 respectfully submits this Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request our Union be provided the following documents by the County of Essex regarding the federally-funded overtime being assigned to select Employees of the Essex County Division of Welfare in order to rectify a reported 9,000 client application cases assigned to the Office of Intake Services that were apparently never completed or not completed within a timely bases as required by state and federal statute and/or policies and procedures. Of these thousands of cases, some 4,500 are reported to be SNAP (food stamp) applications and the balance TANF and/or Medicaid applications:

  1. All documents (letters, emails, reports, etc., both internal to the Essex County Division of Welfare and between the Essex County Division of Welfare and the State of New Jersey) delineating the amount and type of the above cited cases not completed or not completed within a timely basis).
  2. All documents (letters, emails, reports, etc.) delineating the respective names, titles and dates of permanency of the employees of the Essex County Division of Welfare assigned overtime for the abovementioned remedial processes, to date.

Please be advised that were the County to fail to provide the requested documents within the legally prescribed time frame, our Union shall be compelled to file a complaint with the New Jersey Government Records Council.

Yours truly,

David H. Weiner, President

CWA Local 1081